Unbiased advice and service

Capital Markets, Financial and Strategic Advice.

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Cerulean Advisors provides capital markets advice as well as unbiased financial and strategic guidance to emerging and established healthcare companies. We offer senior management teams and their Boards of Directors recommendations, informed guidance, and introductions related to financings, mergers and acquisitions, independent research coverage, and astute company positioning, thus maximizing our clients’ equity market value. We closely align our interests with those of our clients in our business approach and compensation structure, ensuring that our advice and service is truly unbiased.

Unbiased. Independent. Aligned with our Clients.

We assists our clients:

  • Assess and enhance strategic direction and business plan.
  • Define specific financing and strategic alternatives including M & A objectives.
  • Evaluate alternative sources of growth capital and
    research coverage.
  • Perform unbiased transactional services or introduce
    investment banking firms.
  • Introduce potential corporate partners and influential
  • Refine company perception by astute positioning of business and future opportunities.

We specialize in issues related to:

  • Capital markets advice
  • Financial and strategic analysis
  • Merger and acquisition advice
  • Public equity offerings
  • Registered directs
  • Private placements of equity

At Cerulean Advisors, we offer unbiased advice and service. Rather than directing our energies solely toward consummating a particular transaction, we offer sound advice related to the transaction or on viable solutions to various financial/business issues executives need to address to ensure their business prospers.

We recommend courses of action after an evaluation of financial or strategic alternatives. In tandem, we provide guidance and insights related to management’s preferred course of action as well as timely introductions to research firms, corporate partners and influential professionals with whom your company may choose to associate with or engage. Cerulean Advisors also performs unbiased transactional services or introduces appropriate investment banking firms to act on behalf of our clients.

The cornerstone of our firm is a commitment to provide our clients with completely unbiased advice and service, thus avoiding any potential conflicts of interest. Unlike traditional advisory firms and investment banks, Cerulean Advisors does not have any inherent pressure to offer services that generate either additional transaction or “success” fees.